Noise Impact Assessment

With previous projects ranging from high value basement conversions to multi-site major infrastructure projects, Cladtek’s wide range of experience conducting Noise Impact Assessments can assist your project to mitigate potential issues in a time sensitive and cost-effective manner.

Local Authorities or a Planning Officer regularly require a noise impact assessment to be completed when considering planning applications, to ascertain the environmental noise impacts of a development. The existing noise environment is compared to the predicted noise level emitting from the proposed development, to identify any issues that may occur during:

  • Demolition of existing buildings;
  • The road traffic noise created by construction plant during the demolition/build;
  • Construction of the new development;
  • Increased road traffic capacity after the development is completed;
  • Any new fixed plant noise at the existing residential receptors;


A secondary requirement of a Noise Impact Assessment is to use BS8233 to ensure the surrounding residents, and the new residents within the new development are provided with sufficient noise insulation, targeting:

  • Set minimum ambient noise thresholds for spaces inside buildings, to ensure a suitable level of privacy in open spaces
  • BS8233 provides guidance on external noise levels such as, road, rail, aircraft, construction and industrial noise
  • BS 8233 also provides guidance on Noise Rating (NR) curves and the sound insulation values of materials (plus acoustic treatment to improve reverberation levels)
  • Cladtek will support planning applications, with professional recommendations and mitigation measures to satisfy the Local Authority and Planning Officers requirements

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