Plant Noise Assessment

Cladtek’s Plant noise assessment and monitoring services offer you the peace of mind given by fixed cost, fast turnaround reporting and our BS4142 technical reports are suitable for submission in support of your Local Authority planning application.

Local planning authorities regularly request BS4142 assessments, to determine whether noise from industrial or commercial sources will potentially cause noise complaints at nearby residential properties. These noise sources generally consist of:

  • air conditioning units
  • water pumps
  • air extraction ventilation systems, which could be part of an existing system, or for the proposed installation of new mechanical plant (restaurant kitchen or industrial air extraction, office ventilation).

The BS4142 assessment follows a detailed structure, to identify possible issues with noise emissions from mechanical plant and provide a suitable solution to the client.

  • Capture existing background noise level outside affected residential properties;
  • Measure/predict the noise level emissions from the specific mechanical plant
  • Assess the impact of the mechanical plant in comparison to the existing background noise level
  • Provide potential mitigation measures for the mechanical plant if required
  • Supply details of suitable make/models of mechanical plant or mitigation measures that meet the identified BS4142 plant noise assessment requirement.

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